Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

We have been in Arizona this Christmas with Geoff's family.  It has been a wonderful trip, just what the doctor ordered!!  Cora has had the chance to really get to know her cousins (the Rudd's) that live here and she has soaked up ALL of the love and attention that Grandma and Papa have been giving her.  Cora really could not be any cuter right now and we are loving every second of her and the fun personality she has.  Here are some pictures from our trip so far...
Eating out at a restaurant called Buffalo Chip near Steve and Nancy's house on Christmas Eve.  The kids loved this fun atmosphere and were tearing it up on the dance floor!

Cora and Grandma Christmas morning.  

Trying out her new toy with Papa.  Cora has been such a Papa's girl this trip!

Cousin Lexie and Cora...They have been buds this trip!

Rockin out with Lexie's new electric guitar!

These two played the piano for a long, long time together at the New Year's Eve party at Michele's house.

Cousin Chloe reading to Cora New Year's morning.  Cora is really going to miss her cousins!

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