Wednesday, September 21, 2011

stop growing!

dear Cora, please don't grow up too fast! i want to remember when you were little, when you needed me to help you sit up, when you weren't in 12 month clothes, and wearing shoes that you seem proud to have on... how did that happen? it has only been 7 months, but you have changed and grown so much!
love, mom

Sunday, September 11, 2011

cora meets animals

we have been to a lot of fairs with petting zoos and animal farms lately, and we love getting Cora up close and personal with the animals. she was terrified at first, but she seems to really love it now. a sign that she is loving it is her reaching out to pet the animals! she is so brave.

all animal farm adventures must start on a tractor

big girl sitting on a cow with cousins Cade and Connor

this pony approaching fast scared her a bit...

...but Cora quickly realized he was friendly as he sniffed her toes

goats at the Utah state fair. if you can't tell Cora is smiling!

feeding a cow

sheep...Cora was trying to figure out why they were covered like this, and so were we!

so brave petting the sheep...much different than her first up close and personal encounter with the pony above.

I love that Cora is meeting lots of different animals and it is so fun for Geoff and I to watch her!