Saturday, August 22, 2009

...Summer Update...

Well, what can I say, I am not a full-fledged blogger yet, but I do want you to know what the Long's have been up to this crazy Summer! This is all very random, but this is what we have done....

I was volunteered by the Bishop to be a leader at Youth
Conference for the Florida Stake we live in. The youth put on
a carnival for the primary children and their families, Geoff
came to say hi after a long day of work.

I went home to New York to surprise my dad for Father's Day
and to spend time with my sister Krista and nieces, Olivia and Aubrey.

Olivia turned 2, which was also a big reason I went home!
Everything Elmo... what an amazing party it was!!!

Olivia is concentrating very hard on her new kitchen set,
while wearing her new custom fit apron.

Olivia and I had a blast playing together and...

I got to know 6 month old baby Aubrey a little better.

BUT.... while I was gone for a week, the reality back in Orlando was...
Geoff really missed me!
(this was actually after a very rainy day of selling and he was soaked through all his layers,
so he decided to lay down and relax on the warm side walk outside the Vela's apartment! ha!)

So, we decided to do some fun stuff together...

One Sunday evening we walked through Down Town Disney.

We found some friends, danced and fell in love! You have no
idea how much Geoff makes me laugh!!

We went to Universal Studios with....
...This wonderful family! (the Robbins/Velas)

Waiting in line for the Simpson's Ride. Geoff screaming on this ride
almost made me pee my pants cause I was laughing so hard!

Going to the Beetle Juice show might have been our biggest
mistake of the day...
Jenna and Jake's faces tell it all!

The Jaws ride was pretty cool... what made it even scarier
was the little girl in front of us who feared for her life and
screamed the entire ride, with Jenna trying to tell her the
shark was dead and then it continually popping out of the water again! haha!

My handsom husband in front of the Simpson's Ride.

The sharing of a Turkey Leg ended the evening!

The BIGGEST , most IMPORTANT event of the Summer happened just 3 days ago...

AUGUST 19, 2009
The Long's hit 1 year of MARRIAGE!!! And what a joyous year it has been!
We both agree that it has been the best year of our lives. I have the most
wonderful, hard-working husband who treats me like gold and loves me
unconditionally. What more could a wife ask for?! I love him with all my
heart and could not be happier!!!

Our anniversary morning started off with Krispy Kreme donuts
and Starbucks hot chocolate...

In the evening after Geoff finished work, we went to the most
delicious restaurant called Houston's. Our appetizers were to
die for: Spinach Dip and Grilled Artichokes! Then came the
meal: we both got the Ribs, which came highly recommended.
Then for dessert, Geoff had a surprise for me that he had been
working on with my mom for a week. 1 year ago, we froze the top
tier of our wedding cake. The tradition goes that you eat your
wedding cake again on your 1 year anniversary. So we froze ours
thinking we might do it. I honestly had forgotten about it, but not
my thoughtful husband! He had my parents overnight the frozen
cake in tupperware with ice-packs surrounding it. It safely arrived
at Jenna's doorstep the day before our anniversary. I had no clue
about any of this! I really love surprises and this was one of my favorites!

We fed each other a bite, just like we did 1 year ago, but this
time the cake was not as delicious! A cake that has been in
the freezer for 1 year tastes like it has been in the freezer
for 1 year! BUT, I'm so glad we at least took a bite and will
have this memory forever!

YUM!... 1 year old wedding cake!

So, here's to us, and 1 year of being happily married! We have learned a lot and have
stood by each other through the good, happy, stressful and hard times (which are few)...
We have lived in Rexburg Idaho, Bountiful Utah, and Orlando Florida. We, The Longs,
were established 19 August 2008 and will be together throughout the eternities!