Saturday, April 28, 2012

we did it!

                I have great memories of my time at BYU.  On and off for almost a decade now that has been my home, and being a student is what I have known.  It worked out that Geoff graduated a week after me (yesterday).  I'm so proud of him!  We were talking the other day of how bitter-sweet it is because Utah has been our home for as long as we have been together and we have been helping each other through class after class for a long time now.  Don't get me wrong though.. we are SO glad to be done and moving on to the next chapter of our lives with our sweet daughter Cora.  We had almost all of our family in town to celebrate with us.  Having my mom and dad there was so special and I know we created memories we will never forget!
  The proud parents
It was nice to graduate with my brother Matt and cousin Nate
Great-Grandma Dorothy and Cora

 It was so wonderful seeing my parents... my mom came to Arizona a few days before we went up to graduation in Utah.  She got to see where I served my mission in Mesa. 
Cora really took to her grammy and poppy, even though we only had a few days with them.
At our family BBQ on Saturday we celebrated 8 graduates.  Geoff and Jan (my cousin's wife) from Utah Valley University; Matt, Nate (my cousin) and I from Brigham Young University; and my cousins Davin, Taylor and Courtney from High School.  I guess 2012 was the year to finish!!